Job Openings

Software Engineers


Job Description

Shortcut is series-A backed tech startup, based in London, building self-learning realtime navigation systems for riders in cities. With driverless cars just around the corner, powerful cloud computing and mobile communications, we see faster routes never taken becoming possible. We are looking for software engineers to join our founding team to fulfil this vision. 

We have a passion for building software that is simple, scalable and pushes hardware as hard as it can. We use functional programming where possible. We are not an App that uses someone else's maps and timetable feeds to help travellers. We built and will continue building our own map, realtime graph constructors and updaters, routing software and web services APIs. We tested a lot, took the time to do it right and need more brains and hands to ensure we stay on the cutting edge of technology since the vision we have can only be achieved with strong technology. So it's guaranteed to be interesting and challenging with us.

Projects that we've recently completed or are working on and you'll work on with us:

- Backend, external & internal APIs for faster detection of road traffic and application to our graphs

- Routing systems and algorithms

- Servers reliability / Operations

- Machine feeds' decyphering and continuous  

- Servers reliability / Operations​

- Apps design, development and testing 


Technologies you’ll work with:

  • Scala, PlayAkka Actors

  • Java, Routing algorithms, Big Data processing, SQL and non-SQL databases

  • Bash, Scala Scripts

  • Javascript, Objective C, Java (Android)

  • AWS' Secuirty and Infrastructure Tools

Skills & Requirements

  • Expertise in some form of continuous integration development environment

  • Knowledge of Scala programming and scripting or strong background to be able to learn Scala quickly

  • Ability to dive into new code and make sense of what you find

  • Work on front end and back end systems independently or jointly as part of building one system

  • A track record of smartly planned and thoroughly tested projects done in a timely manner

  • Aptitude for configuring and testing not just coding

  • A notion that we are a team, even though we want you to be different, special, bold and creative

Suitable candidates will get:

  • Competitive pay for London-based position, equity in early stage firm in highest growth segment in high tech (Uber, etcetera), and opportunity to grow with the company 

  • Young and dynamic working environment

  • Constant training in cutting edge technologies