What's Shortcut?

It's a SatNav for Passengers. 
Shortcut puts you on the fastest route to any destination
because it knows the speed in all roads and train networks in London at all times and it connects with Uber (we are a Development Partner of Uber).
Shortcut navigates you (and instantly redirects your Uber ride)
around road traffic and train delays.
It's damn clever.

This is for Modern* Passengers

* there's passengers - and there's modern passengers. Modern passengers Uber, take the tube, catch a train or hop on a bus. They're smart, not tacky.

You know them if you're one of them: modern passengers let others arrive late.


How To Use Shortcut

"Shortcuts" in the Press...

The launch of the Night Tube is a unique opportunity to understand how Uber helps public transport users get from their station to their front door. 

October 7, 2016

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