Shortcut for Uber, Tube & Rail 

It's better not to travel. But if you have to, travel fast

The app for people to travel fast, because they have to travel.

It's better not to travel, but sometimes you have to. For work or to care for someone or something important.
Sometimes you need to return from somewhere. Quickly.


For all those times there is Shortcut: the new, smart way to use Uber, Rail, the Tube, and the Bus.

To use Shortcut

  • Download Shortcut and tap on Uber Connect to link your Uber account and book Ubers inside Shortcut

  • Set your Start location and Destination

  • Choose from the fastest routes right now, with an Uber to boost your first and / or last mile. Unlike your normal travel app, Shortcut only gives you the fastest routes -- not all of them

  • Stay on Shortcut for instant routing to avoid train delays, road traffic & station closures and get live information during your journey that shows you how much faster you're travelling compared to having taken just a car or just public transport (no need to open Uber or any other app)

How we do it

Shortcut knows where all Ubers, trains & buses are in London, takes feeds of speed sources on the roads and mixes it all together for you every one second.


To provide the best and fastest routes, at rush-hour or in the middle of the night, Shortcut's maps engineer (the world's best citymapper) uses great feeds and data "as is" from Transport for London (TfL), Network Rail and National Rail (including Southern, Southeastern, Thameslink, First Capital Connect, Eurostar, Gatwick Express, Heathrow Express, Stansted Express, London Overground, South West Trains), Uber, Apple, Google, OpenStreetMap, Foursquare and Mapbox, amongst others, and is thankful to these excellent providers.


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